The Metta Center

mettagandhiThe Metta Center, as part of its continuous development, has formed a Strategic Advisory Council (SAC), which they have invited me to be a member of.  Additionally, they have offered me a writing fellowship under the title ‘Liaison to Wisdom Traditions’.

About the SAC:

First publication as a Metta writing fellow:

Merry Christmas!

12112011-02-boroughcommonfolkcarolsThis year, I was given the honour to participate (accordion and backing vocals) in a British folk Christmas album!

Have a listen here:

And if you’re so inclined to purchase the tracks, all proceeds go to this homeless charity:

Hoping this season brings you peace and joy, in the depths of your hearts and in the fullness of your lives!

‘An Astrology (and Spiritualities) for the Modern’

campionpoThis past autumn, I had the pleasure of meeting esoteric religion historian, Nicholas Campion, at the BASR conference. In the wake of the conference, I was invited by the editors of the Religious Studies Project to write a response to their recent interview with him.

Campion interview:

My response:

‘[Theosophical astrology] is an astrology of modernity’, suggests Nick Campion in his interview with the Religious Studies Project.  However,  before even coming to this suggestion, David Robertson asked some very challenging, informed questions on the assumptions about astrology—particularly, if contemporary astrologers have ‘reinterpreted’ astrology in order to appeal to the cosmology of modernity.  This question is also relevant to many alternative, holistic, and ‘postmodern’ spiritualities, which I hope to focus on in this reflection…

‘Saturn’, The Service

saturnLast Autumn, exactly ten years after the creation and release of the original ‘Francesca‘, Rick and Chris of Mêlée fame were in London for three weeks to work on an electronic side-project, The Service, with renowned producer Starsmith. During their visit, many of our conversations revolved around our individual processes into life and adulthood. Naturally, I discussed the Saturn Return . . . which inspired them to produce this gem:

So we learn and we try
Set our bodies free from their crimes
Will it all come clear when Saturn’s in the sky?
For the rest of my life
Let the ice melt down from my eyes
’Cause it all looks clear when Saturn’s in the sky