‘Saturn’, The Service

saturnLast Autumn, exactly ten years after the creation and release of the original ‘Francesca‘, Rick and Chris of Mêlée fame were in London for three weeks to work on an electronic side-project, The Service, with renowned producer Starsmith. During their visit, many of our conversations revolved around our individual processes into life and adulthood. Naturally, I discussed the Saturn Return . . . which inspired them to produce this gem:


So we learn and we try
Set our bodies free from their crimes
Will it all come clear when Saturn’s in the sky?
For the rest of my life
Let the ice melt down from my eyes
’Cause it all looks clear when Saturn’s in the sky

Featured SJND Faculty

posjndAs a result of the recent events regarding Kyrgyzstan and my presenting at this year’s International Conference on Religion and Spirituality in Society, I was a featured faculty member at Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School. Full article: http://www.sjnd.org/parents_and_students/May2011.htm

In a school year marked by the publication of several works of the SJND faculty, one of the newest members of the school’s teaching staff, Francesca Po, has also published an article. Po, associate campus minister and SJND service learning coordinator, teaches World Religions, Philosophy, Morality, and Understanding Catholic Christianity at the school. She co-wrote an article with leading Ghandhian Michael Nagler calling for a presence like the Nonviolent Peaceforce (NP) to be present in Kyrgyzstan… In the wake of Po’s work, Kyrgyzstan has invited NP’s presence to their country. It represents the first time in history a nation has invited the organization officially to have a presence in their country. Po also presented a research paper at the international conference, Religion and Spirituality in Society, in Chicago in February…

Original faculty announcement: http://www.sjnd.org/parents_and_students/September2010.htm

A Day for Women at the César Chávez Liturgy

cesarchavezliturgyOn 31 March 2011, this year’s César Chávez Liturgy, I had the honour of being the first female to ever preside at Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School.

Full article:


The liturgy focused on social justice, ministry to immigrants and the parable of the Good Samaritan. The senior class prepared the liturgy, with contributions from Mrs. Norris and the Modern Languages Department. Francesca Po, deputy campus minister, presided over the service…

This female presence behind the altar was a first for our school community. It demonstrated the concept of the unexpected person stepping up to lead the way for change in our society…

Nonviolent Peaceforce Invited to Kyrgyzstan

npkyrgyzstanIn response to my recent article with Michael Nagler, the government of Kyrgyzstan invited Nonviolent Peaceforce (NP) to aid their nation in the issues of violence. This marks the first time in history a nation has ever officially invited NP’s presence.

Official NP announcement:


Current NP projects in Kyrgyzstan: