SCM Inspirational Woman

po-francescaAn honour and privilege to be featured as an Inspirational Woman for this year’s International Women’s Day by Student Christian Movement (SCM).

Read out about my eclectic spirituality (with a nod to Mme Blavatsky for my esoteric colleagues), peace and nonviolence work (particularly with the Metta Centre), and life in general here:

The interview is also (a front page feature!) on New Roots:

Special thanks to my mother, Ma Sandra Lucero Po, and the rest of the Lucero Matriarchy, for making me the woman that I am today.

Brave the Shave

img_0850Throughout Lent until the official shave date (Saturday, 24 June 2017), I will be raising money to shave off my hair for Macmillan Cancer Support!

As I mention in my Brave the Shave page:

I have had some family and friends battle cancer through the years, not to mention a good friend from high school currently going through chemotherapy as I write.

I have also been donating my hair to Locks of Love (USA) and Little Princess Trust (UK) continuously for 15 years, and thought it was about time to go all the way!

Please consider donating any amount to this important cause.

Here is the direct link to my Brave the Shave page:

For more information on this initiative, or perhaps even how to join yourself, visit:

Special thanks to my fabulous hairdresser, Rosie Saunders at Versus Beauty Salon, who will be doing the shave!  Find them here:



UASC Volunteering

calais-youth-centreMany of you have heard by now that the demolitions of the Calais ‘Jungle’ have proceeded, which means that an influx of Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children (UASC) will be coming into the UK.

If you would like to work with UASC directly, Oxfordshire County needs volunteers to work as mentors and supportive ‘appropriate adults’ during this trying immigration process.  Please contact me for more information.

If you are not based in Oxfordshire, do contact your County Council directly to see what kind of help is needed locally.

St Stephen’s House Feature

img_9105_srgbSlightly outdated now, but such an honour to have my refugee crisis relief work at Calais featured in this year’s St Stephen’s House News magazine.

See the entire issue here:

Calais Refugee Crisis Relief Work

As the global refugee crisis continues, St Stephen’s House DPhil student Francesca Po shares her experience of a recent trip to undertake relief work at the Calais refugee camp.  She undertook the trip independently and joined international social justice organisation, Catholic Worker, in their community based in Calais, Maria Skobtsova House…  (p 16)

‘Post-Brexit Shifts Deprive Refugees in Calais of Needed Support’

migrantsMany of you know about the relief work that I did in March.  My (front page!) article in TruthOut highlights the conditions in the Calais Refugee Camp (‘Jungle’) since then, and how the Brexit result has worsened the conditions there:

As we all continue to suffer in this global refugee crisis, may we be relentless in the support we give to the less fortunate.  Contact me if you’d like to get involved in even the smallest way.

Squire Bursary Recipient

IMG_8276It is with utmost gratitude that I announce that I am this semester’s recipient of the James William Squire Bursary.

Special thanks to Revd Prof Mark Chapman and the rest of the Squire and Marriott Bursary Committee for believing in my research and vocation.  Additional thanks to my supervisor, Very Revd Prof Martyn Percy, my college, St Stephen’s House, family, and friends, for your relentless support.

For more information about the Squire and Marriott Bursaries, please go to the following link:

Second Sunday

ss1Second Sunday is a social group that I co-founded, in conjunction with the Parish of Cowley Saint John, for young adults and friends with a shared interest in social justice and philosophy/spirituality.

We usually meet once a month, on the ‘second Sunday’ of each month, from 6pm onwards.  Some activities include: gigs, films, meals, volunteering, pilgrimages, thoughtful conversation, and general merriment!

For more information, join our Facebook page:

Or go to the Parish website at:

[Spring 2017]

Very proud of Second Sunday for being featured in ‘Movement’ magazine for our participation in the #EndHungerUK campaign!  Find us in Issue 155, page 18: